Disney throws the towel on hand-crafted animations

Just read this:The last bastion of traditional animation will be closed. Rumour has it that it’s about money, as usual. As Disney isn’t winning much with movies that have been created and these have been made in the „old way“, while computer generated flicks as Shrek or the Pixar movies are nearly always a hit, this decision makes sense — sort of at least.

Of course, there is always the possibility that Disney is loosing at this because their storys suck. Personally, I think that Disney as a whole has subscribed too much to the „family friendly“ policy, and too little on entertainment for children. There is a profound difference on what families like, and what they are supposed to like. The Disney animation movies are cloyingly sweet and good and pure and.. bleh.

I just hope that this isn’t the end of traditional animation. It’s a really good art form, with lots of possibilities to tell great stories with. So I look forward seeing these from someone who still holds on to this, or maybe just rediscovers it.

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