Finding Friends and believing them.

Yesterday, I had to pick up my girlfriend from the airport. The main thing I like about airports is the rich selection the newspaper stores offer. 

Waiting for her flight to arrive, I browsed a while, flipping through Marvel Comics, magazines, books, etc. Then a whitish cover catched my eye: "Der Freund" .

Looking at a few random pages, I was immediately reminded of Schott's Original Miscellany: Clear layout, in slightly aged typeface, hand-drawn illustrations.. 

..if anyone ever makes a JollyOrc-trap, this is how it would look. So I shelled out the 10 Euros and took it with me. 

By now I’ve had a chance to look at the content: There’s a small interview-style feature called „Men at work“, a talk between two mercenaries who complain about their various injuries, how hard it would be to get work today, etc. Another article explains Camp and SOBIG.

There’s also a short piece from Rezzo Schlauch stating that he would love to work for this magazine, but can’t on ideological grounds. After all, this is made by Springer.

Hang on.. Springer ? As in Axel Springer ? 

Yup. The big german publication company, „renowned“ for papers like BILD. This puzzled me. Springer is the „big baddass“ of printed media. The people who represent the evil establishment. But what I have in hand here doesn’t look like that. The pieces I’ve read so far are well thought through, witty, just so slightly political. The man in command of this is Christian Kracht. This is not the man who wrote „Generation Golf“, a pop-art piece about .. well, my generation, perhaps of those 5 years older. 

I think this is a JollyOrc-trap after all. I just haven’t figured out yet what they want me to trap for.

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