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As I’m in the latter half of a two-week vacation, I’ve had a lot of time to do stuff I normally don’t do. 

For instance, I’ve been playing squirrel in Bad Bevensen, finally managed to watch at least the Pilot of Firefly, as well as that remake of Battlestar Galactica , got myself a bicycle after years of walking and driving a car (Thanks Dad !), read a few books (Stainless Steel Rat, and Tod und Teufel, and a lot of „etc. etc.“.

What I did not manage to do was to expand Catara in the way I wanted, but that I can do safely after the vacation I guess.

Oh, and I started to read some more blogs of others, so here’s a late trackback for DLG :)

Now, I bet none of you is actually burning to know what I thought of these books and TV stuff, so I’ll put that behind the following link :)

Oh my god… muscles all over my body hurt. Really hurt ! 

What is TreeTrek ? Imagine a medium sized forest. Now picture some of these trees in detail. Add platforms to these trees, big enough to accomodate about three or four people standing up, hugging the tree. Put a bunch of ropes between these platforms, and let people pay for the privilege of playing squirrel by climbing along these ropes from tree to tree.

Guess what, it’s big fun !

Firefly: Josh Wedon is indeed my master now. I could only understand half of the dialogue in the first viewing, thanks to the cowboy drawl, but it’s a really good TV series, and I can’t possibly understand why Fox cancelled it.

Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck is a woman now ? So what. The remake is close to being „hard“ SF, it tells a gripping story, it’s an ongoing series, with a good overarcing plotline, and the soundtrack truly kicks ass. I love it. 

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