Right & Wrong & Legal

In the recent months, those who bothered to look noticed that there is a growing chasm between what is legal, and what people perceive as „right“.

„Normal“ people are more and more clashing with brand and intellectual property laws. The european community passes laws and regulations that are hard to understand to non-politicians, the way money is traded on public markets is highly arcane to those who aren’t part of that market (ie: Most of the people without large amounts of money). 

The growing fiscal problems of the governments often forces them to do unpopular things, which get even more unpopular when they don’t work immediately. 

And then there’s always the thing that governments like to please „key groups“, which aren’t necessarily the majority of the population, nor are their measures in any way making sense to the average citizen (ie: Me). 

Weeks like this one make me think if I’m still living in the right place.

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