Small World

It’s a small world, ain’t it ? Recently, I’ve been adding random german blogs to my Feedreader. Among them has been Fontblog. They in turn reported a nice birthday present to Candy by Kitta. The entry on Kittas blog (nice party pics btw :) ) states that Fluffyboots is a blog

that Phobia and I made for her as a birthday present; we spent most of the night trying to remember the log in details.

Fun. I know Phobia. I made sure by a few DNS and whois queries. Phobia also hosts a page for a Neverwinter Nights Roleplaying World (, where I’m involved for quite some time now.

I guess the thing with the six degrees of seperation isn’t that far fetched after all.

*Edit. Apparently the old link to is gone. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on the topic. Thanks for the heads-up Elizabeth

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