TV Nostalgia

Someone on avlis​.org posted a link to this great site: Fuggled 101: Greatest TV Themes EVER.

Now, I’m german, and spent my childhood watching all cartoons in german too. Thus I do not recognize all of these themes, or remember them different. 

But still, a lot of them are highly recognizeable, and bring me that lovely feeling of nostalgia and transport me back to the time when I begged my parents to „just watch this cartoon mom!“ before going to bed…

Recent thoughts

As I’m in the latter half of a two-week vacation, I’ve had a lot of time to do stuff I normally don’t do. 

For instance, I’ve been playing squirrel in Bad Bevensen, finally managed to watch at least the Pilot of Firefly, as well as that remake of Battlestar Galactica , got myself a bicycle after years of walking and driving a car (Thanks Dad !), read a few books (Stainless Steel Rat, and Tod und Teufel, and a lot of „etc. etc.“.

What I did not manage to do was to expand Catara in the way I wanted, but that I can do safely after the vacation I guess.

Oh, and I started to read some more blogs of others, so here’s a late trackback for DLG :)

Now, I bet none of you is actually burning to know what I thought of these books and TV stuff, so I’ll put that behind the following link :)