Small World

It’s a small world, ain’t it ? Recently, I’ve been adding random german blogs to my Feedreader. Among them has been Fontblog. They in turn reported a nice birthday present to Candy by Kitta. The entry on Kittas blog (nice party pics btw :) ) states that Fluffyboots is a blog

that Phobia and I made for her as a birthday present; we spent most of the night trying to remember the log in details.

Fun. I know Phobia. I made sure by a few DNS and whois queries. Phobia also hosts a page for a Neverwinter Nights Roleplaying World (, where I’m involved for quite some time now.

I guess the thing with the six degrees of seperation isn’t that far fetched after all.

*Edit. Apparently the old link to is gone. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on the topic. Thanks for the heads-up Elizabeth

Advertising Target Groups

Reading random blogs, I stumbled over an entry moaning about how we all slowly become target groups instead of people, and how bad the advertising is sometimes, and so on. In the end, it gave this banner Keine Zielgruppe. The content here is german again, but the gist is: Don’t try to mess with my mind via advertising, don’t try to categorize me. 

I think categorizing people is a thing we all do, so why should we deny this to the advertisers ? The thing I resent is that they constantly try to categorize me into sets I don’t fit in, and that mos of the time, advertisers assume I’m dumb. 

So, here’s my counter-banner: Deine Zielgruppe?

Is there a need for „Blogiquette“ ?

Frankly, I’ve never thought about that much. But Johnny gave it some thought, (in german) and easily impressionable person that I am, I started to think too. 

I instinctively tried to obey some sort of unwritten set of rules ever since I started to communicate online. Back then, the buzzword was netiquette, but it meant the same. The gist is that I’m aware that nearly instantaneous communications with complete strangers are prone to misunderstandings. I try to avoid these, so I’m doing my best to stay polite, and understandable. Sometimes, this extends to offline communications too, which probably make me look like a dolt, but that’s the price I pay…

Recent thoughts

As I’m in the latter half of a two-week vacation, I’ve had a lot of time to do stuff I normally don’t do. 

For instance, I’ve been playing squirrel in Bad Bevensen, finally managed to watch at least the Pilot of Firefly, as well as that remake of Battlestar Galactica , got myself a bicycle after years of walking and driving a car (Thanks Dad !), read a few books (Stainless Steel Rat, and Tod und Teufel, and a lot of „etc. etc.“.

What I did not manage to do was to expand Catara in the way I wanted, but that I can do safely after the vacation I guess.

Oh, and I started to read some more blogs of others, so here’s a late trackback for DLG :)

Now, I bet none of you is actually burning to know what I thought of these books and TV stuff, so I’ll put that behind the following link :)