Fraking Computers !

$%§“@&! Or however they write it in comics. Telephone rings, I’m to record some TV program where my GF may appear in due to random chance. Well, as I head over to the Media Center PC in the living room to tell it to do the right thing, it instead hangs up on me, repeatedly suggesting I try this at a later time, because right now it’s too busy with something else. Gah !

Now, while wrestling with the piece of silicon shit I could see the program right on screen, occasionally obscured by the „friendly“ error messages. She didn’t appear in it, but now she’ll never believe me…


Vaulting Fun ? … !

Girls having Fun

Vaulting, or „Voltigieren“ as it’s known in german, is gymnastics and dance on horseback.

It’s something I’ll probably never do, as I can’t even do gymnastics without that moving horse being under me. But my girlfriend likes horses and riding, and she and some friends decided to try this. It sure looked to be a) exhausting and b) fun for them. At least they didn’t have to do the „running onto the stage“ part. If you’ve ever seen a vaulting team come on stage, you know how ridiculous this looks… :D