Optimus Mini Three Status

After the woes of getting the Optimus Mini Three to me, then having gotten a noisy unit (which got replaced very fast and nicely), I’ve now had some time to thoroughly test the thing:

While it does lack any killer-feature, it’s useful enough. I let it keep track of new emails, show me the CPU Usage and time&weather by default, which is nice.

The unit itself is small, brightly lit, unobtrusive on my desk, and always a conversation starter when people notice it. :)

I’d say that it may not be entirely worth it’s money in usefulness, but it’s cool enough to have.

Optimus woes

Grrr.… Now ArtLebedev has a christmas sale. Not that my months-ago-ordered Optimus Mini Three has arrived so far. Instead, it’s still MIA somewhere between here and Hongkong. My inquiring emails are replied in a very friendly tone, and they are very apologetic. Still in the end, not very helpful.

As it looks, I won’t order that newly announced Optimus full keyboard.… Who knows when that would arrive here?!