Real ratings for virtual … err… hookers

Second Life Escort Ratings must be the most bizarre thing I’ve found on the net for.. err.. at least a week. I’m not kidding you (although they might kid me):

This blog is a collection of ratings for those who are inclined to pay virtual dollars (which are worth real money) for virtual sex in the online game Second Life. You’ll find screenshots of the (virtual) hotties, chat excerpts, mentioning of custom scripted clickable lips.…

Damn, this is really bizarre!

Comments and me

How do you realize that you’ve got too much things on your hands? When you have only two handfuls of comments on your blog, but miss three of them completely (with two of them actually being spam. Apologies to Mr. Kracht, for this sorry neighbourhood.)

Yay for that Statistics tool of S9Y, that helped me find all these things on in my own blog!