Coffee of the Dead

Some people seem to complain about the "Zombie Effect": People sitting in a coffee shop with WiFi, staring at their notebook, instead of being social. From a coffee-shop owners perspective, I can see what the issue is. These people hog a table, don’t order anything, or very little stuff, and probably also scare away other customers. 

On the other hand, I find the thought of spending my whole day working in a cozy café, getting my cup replaced regularly, a friendly waitress bringing me food and beverages, very intriguing. Would I be some sort of freelance consultant, I’d probably go that route. 

Actually, I find that more social than sitting in an office.

Bow“ he types

I found this on a german newssite: "Bow Nigger". Regardless of the validity of the content, it’s a gripping read, and captures a lot of emotions online players often experience. 

While most realize that playing online games is just a recreational activity, that things are just a game, games can trigger powerful emotions too. 

At one point, the author describes his stress of the situation: „My concentration was absolutely intense and never before have I tried so hard to ‚be the mouse‘. I felt a trickle of wet run down from under my right armpit.“ 

Just a game, huh ?