What is it about

WTO 2060 is a Cyberpunk-like roleplaying setting. Currently, it’s being designed for a future play-by-post roleplaying campaign.

As you could see by the first background notes, the setting tends towards „dark and gritty“. The player characters will struggle for survival, living mostly outside the established system. They work for big corporations, governments or the Mafia — whoever offers a job and pays in anonymized money. A typical job might be

  • infiltrating an office tower undetected, gaining access to their core computer systems, download the blueprints for the new sonic toothbrush, cover their traces and deliver the data to the competition
  • Freeing the younger sister of a squatter from an illegal bioresearch laboratory
  • Shut down a powerplant
  • escort a VIP through a gang warzone

Player characters will be specialists of some kind. In their field, they are far better than the average joe. Alas, thanks to some event in their past, they aren’t part of normal society anymore: They don’t have access to normal bank accounts, don’t have a credit chip and especially don’t have any official documents. For society, they don’t exist. This certainly is a hindrance in a lot of ways, but also offers a degree of freedom: If society doesn’t care about you, you can stop caring about societies rules. 

Of course, randomly shooting people is a surefire way of making society and law enforcement notice you, but not in a good way.

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