got a kitten since two weeks by now. My girlfriend decided his name would be Merlin, and so it happened.

He’s an evil minded little bugger most of the time, I’m sure he’s already planning world domination. While not working on that, he at least terrorizes us by chewing, scratching and peeing where it is most inconvenient. Alternatively, he simply walks over the keyboard or hides in some heap of sensitive cables (hey, this is partly a geek household, what do you expect? ). 

On the upside, he lets me play evil overlord, by sitting next to me when roleplaying on Avlis, purring evilly…

The Big U

well, as long as my notebook is busy reinstalling, and me not being able to do any real work… I can blog.

To be honest, this is only after I’ve scoured for new posts, so don’t feel too nice right now :)

To the topic: The Big U . That’s a book by Neil Stephenson, one of my favourite authors. I’m rereading it while commuting at the moment, and really would have liked to live on some campus five or six years ago. Instead, I lived with my then-girlfriend, which was nice too. But there’s this perverse imp on my shoulder that keeps telling me I’ve probably missed a lot of stuff: Great uni internet connection, late parties with other students, wild sex with cute female philosophy students…

But then, who am I kidding: Most people who I knew to live in a dorm had girlfriends whose last name were .jpg and jpeg.

You should read The Big U, it’s good.