PR-Flacks and magazine editors

ghi has made a nice list of things that PR flacks seem to be convinced off. 

It contains hilarious things like (random examples)

  1. Editors just love to see Power Point presentations of the companies financial situation, instead of the product it creates.
  2. Calling back immediately after a meeting is a surefire way to get a positive answer. 

ghi, you should realize that the sales people of most companies have the same delusions when it comes to talking to possible customers. By now, I’ve developed a routine of snubbing sales people on the phone, so they won’t call me back. Yes, it’s rude, but it gives me some time to do some actual work.


Just a sentiment I wanted to let loose. No pun intended, my bowels are quite secure, alas, I fear my job isn’t. 

Today, it was brought to us of the IT department that we’ll get outsourced into another company owned by the same person. To „rescue“ that company, as it has a cash flow problem. 

Which means a few things:

  • Still no raise
  • new boss
  • well, we all know what outsourcing means: A new way of „The Man“ to mess with you, that’s what it means. 

So: Crap!

Ugly Kid Jeans

Who thinks that I love doing tasks that suck ? 

I’m the IT guy in the company . The senior IT guy even. Now, IT is everything that is more complicated than pushing buttons in the elevator, so lots silly tasks get dumped on our department. 

As this is a „fashion“ company every few months lots of pictures of clothing need to be made, so we can show them to the customer. These pictures are made with a digital camera. 

yup, you guessed right: That’s an IT job. 

Thankfully, I’ve broken free for this week, as someone has decided that some sticker needs to be put onto the clothing. This is of course not an IT job, so it’s a SEP for now. Go me! 

In the meantime, enjoy looking at the hideous crap I have to look at when I’ll eventually have to resume making these pictures. Pretty, huh ?


mood: mixed

Telephone line at work is broken. 

Either that, or the lightning that struck in our immediate vicinity has fried our telephone switch. Part of me is hoping for that, as we’ve been lobbying at the bosses to invest into a brand new IP telephony solution for over a year now. That would show ‚em !

But then, even if they say „go for it“ right now, it would take a few weeks till things get fixed. Which isn’t nice for a company that needs to use the phone constantly. So I work at getting this fixed fast. 

On the upside: I now have an excuse not to do other stuff right now :D

*Update: Thinks are working now. Really funny how the carrier reacted by quietly fixing it. No response at all to the problem ticket…