Du bist Deutschland“ and glum germans

Andrew has a few thoughts about the ever-so-glum germans. Most of what he writes is probably true, and I’m a bit glum myself too at times.

But then he also lost a few words to the „Du bist Deutschland“ campaign, and why it failed so badly to cheer people up. Among a few good reasons, he also cites this one:

But they also felt somehow powerless and ashamed, because the advertisements reminded them of their own inability to thnk of any genuine, meaningful reason for cheerfulness.“


I can’t really agree with that. I can find lots of reasons to cheer up, to like my country, etc. But I simply cannot find any good in this campaign, nor in it’s slogans. I know several people who just cannot „pull themselves up“, and to who the „if you just want it enough, it’ll get better“ are just insult added to injury. That’s why there’s so much scorn. 

And the Flickr Pool that was generated in answer to that campaign shows that there’s lots of cheer going around still.

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