Geek in styling hell.

Since the hair on my head gets longer again, the need for some „styling“ becomes more apparent: Without any help of gel, wax, spray, foam or similar products, my hair is just a mess.

Thus I found myself in the „styling department“ of a supermarket wondering which product to get. I knew exactly what I wanted: Some gel that I can use to prevent the hair from looking plastered to my skull as well as directing it into some sort of sorta-wet-look.

But the products all advertised „wild styling“, „ultra-strong glue“, „ultimate matt-effects“, „cool wet gel with power“.… ARRGH!

These descriptions tell me nothing about the products properties, just what image the advertising department wants them to convey — which is absolutely not what I want to know. I don’t carry the tube with the product around, I carry my hair around. 

I wonder if there’ll ever be some unpretentious no-nonsense personal hygiene & styling line which just says „makes hair stiff and keeps it in shape“, „cleans teeth, tastes like mint“ or just „cleans hair and keeps it healthy“.

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