Knee Deep in the Dead!

Yes, I’ve been to the Doom movie yesterday. Overall verdict: It’s ok. Basically it’s your standard „military-mission-that-goes-wrong“ flick with scary shock effects and lot of gore. I even learned something:

  1. the mars station is cold
  2. thanks to lower gravity, perky women don’t need bras.
  3. unmarried men instantly recognize and appreciate the combination of 1) and 2)

On top of this, it’s themed to the classic Doom game, providing lots of eyecandy and nods to those who played it: You’ll get to see the BFG, Imps, the Pinky demon from Doom3, and all the corridors and sets look quite exactly like in the game. Of course, some things are … less nice. Read on, if you don’t care for spoilers.

For a start: What is wrong with the premise that people had accidentially opened some portal to hell and that all the monsters come from there? The makers of the movie dropped this, and instead made up some story about genetics that let scientists mutate into some kind of zombies/monsters.

And of course, getting bitten by these will let you mutate too.

Also, it seems that „The Rock“ (who really should get a real name) only signed if he could get a wrestling style fight scene. Alas, there wasn’t a lot of sense of why the hero got into that fight, and it didn’t really fit to the rest of the movie if you ask me.

Thankfully the nods to the game were done superbly: The BFG hovers in the air when it’s found, it shoots big blue plasma balls, the key cards look like in game, the marines even have fancy nicknames, just like in a deathmatch game.

Those who played Doom3 will recognize all these and dozens more things. Especially nice: Near the end the hero notices that he has mutated into some sort of superhuman (insert a random „what-the-fuck?“ here), the camera switches to First-Person-View, and commences to run through the corridors and shoot all the half-mutated zombies. There’s even a chainsaw involved!

If you liked the game, can live with a very predictable story, go ahead and watch it.

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