Nordcon 2006

After a hiatus of two years, I’ve actually managed once again to be somehow part of the Nordcon. Just as generic helping hand, but active nonetheless. To those who don’t know, the Nordcon is one of the biggest fantasy conventions in Germany (Roughly 7000 visitors last year). This years con started for me on friday, when I was helping setting up tents, tables and other stuff.

Ever tried to erect a medieval style tent in streaming rain? You don’t want to, trust me, these things can get very heavy when wet… 

In breaking a 10 year old tradition, this years Nordcon stayed wet. Utterly, miserably, dripping and heavily raining wet. Those activities and merchant stalls that were outside (and there are quite a few of these) were constantly battered by either a mild drizzle, or by full-blown heavy rain. All of which, to my amazement, didn’t bother the hordes of LARPers in the very least. While the grounds weren’t as full as usual, I saw happy faces everywhere. 

And what kind of faces! Getting into fantasy garb definitely got a new meaning lately: I saw a girl dressed up as a cow, various pseudo-historical garbs, Sci-Fi garments, Klingons, French Aristocrats, lots of Pirates, three monkeys from Nuremburg, the usual assortment of Orcs, Trolls, Elves and Vampires, Knights, surprisingly few mages, a gay jester…

Seriously: The quality and obvious love that went to these costumes was outstanding in many parts. Although there was also one wearing a „Authentic Medieval Garb“ T‑Shirt.

Let’s see how the party continues tomorrow… Hopefully I can also post pictures then

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