Social PowerPoint Hacking

Guy Kewney comments on how bad PowerPoint can be for presentations, and his key argument is that it takes the attention away from the speaker.

I can see what he means, so I’ve pieced together something that I’ll try out the next time I need to present something: Watch the Speaker! It’s a small demo that makes use of target audiences in PowerPoint to add in arrows pointing towards what people need to pay attention to: The Speaker!

What is it exactly? Nothing really exciting, just a short menu at the start of the presentation that lets the presenter establish his position relative to the projection. Now he can start talking, showing his slides. The important thing is, that whenever he is just explaining things, whenever the focus of the audience should be on the speaker, not the slides, there’s a slide with a helpful arrow, pointing at what is important.

No extra text to distract, no heaps of nasty numbers or bullet-point lists.

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