Just a sentiment I wanted to let loose. No pun intended, my bowels are quite secure, alas, I fear my job isn’t. 

Today, it was brought to us of the IT department that we’ll get outsourced into another company owned by the same person. To „rescue“ that company, as it has a cash flow problem. 

Which means a few things:

  • Still no raise
  • new boss
  • well, we all know what outsourcing means: A new way of „The Man“ to mess with you, that’s what it means. 

So: Crap!

Bow“ he types

I found this on a german newssite: "Bow Nigger". Regardless of the validity of the content, it’s a gripping read, and captures a lot of emotions online players often experience. 

While most realize that playing online games is just a recreational activity, that things are just a game, games can trigger powerful emotions too. 

At one point, the author describes his stress of the situation: „My concentration was absolutely intense and never before have I tried so hard to ‚be the mouse‘. I felt a trickle of wet run down from under my right armpit.“ 

Just a game, huh ?