Evil, thy name is woman!

OK, I’m more or less the typical geek: Not too short, no visible muscles, bad eyesight, innate lack of fashion sense (although it’s been said that I’ve bettered myself a tiny bit there).

My pride until now was that I’m at least not fat, nor gaining weight. With 187cm height, and ~75kg weight, I was content with my body. 

There’s an awareness that things could be better, but they could be a lot worse. And I haven’t added any significant weight during the last 5 to 10 years either.

But this morning, my girlfriend made me step onto the scale. And it showed 85kg. 

I’m standing on that scale irregularly every few weeks, and never did it show that number! I was dumbstruck. Did I eat that much more during the last weeks ? Is some gene kicking in and making me fat ? Would I have to sign on to a gym and go there every day now ?

I was seriously worrying as I stepped into the shower. 

Only slowly did doubt settle in. Perhaps the scale is wrong, perhaps somethings broken ? I never put it onto that soft carpet when I weigh myself, but onto a hard surface. This time, it was on the carpet.

Alas, before I could vindicate myself, and prove my superior intellect, she robbed me of that.: As I got out of the shower she indeed told me that it was the carpet that skewed the result. Once we put the scales on it’s usual hard surface, I was relieved to see the familiar 75.