Let there be light

Fiber Optics Bring the Sun Indoors . Someone has come up with a (really brilliant in my mind) idea. The basic premise is to capture light on a roof, and directing it into the rooms beneath it. That alone doesn’t sound too spectacular, the hitch here is that they do it without simply installing a skylight, but using fibre optics, and also filter out UV and infrared in the process. 

The result is a more or less ordinary looking lamp on your ceiling, which gives out actual daylight, and even changes color as the sun does. If it gets too dark outside, a sensor automatically activates conventional lights to keep the light constant in your room. 

I assume there’s a lot of issues to be tackled still (for instance, having an ever-shifting light is probably not so nice, and I doubt that this would ever be implemented in cloudy and rainy Hamburg), but the concept is really the sort of neat and elegant thing I love.

TV Nostalgia

Someone on avlis​.org posted a link to this great site: Fuggled 101: Greatest TV Themes EVER.

Now, I’m german, and spent my childhood watching all cartoons in german too. Thus I do not recognize all of these themes, or remember them different. 

But still, a lot of them are highly recognizeable, and bring me that lovely feeling of nostalgia and transport me back to the time when I begged my parents to „just watch this cartoon mom!“ before going to bed…

not afraid

Londoners aren't afraid. Which is a good thing to see. Terrorists try to make statements by doing stupid and horrible stuff. Media then occasionally helps them unwittingly by spreading fear and stress. 

This is the right statement: Go and stuff yourself terrorist scum. People won’t be cowered. 

Still, my thoughts are with those who lost loved ones. I’m the lucky guy in that I don’t have lost any relatives in London. But still, internet communities have brought some sense of loss to me too: Having to read posts from people who do have lost an old friend is not a good thing to start your day with.

Home sweet Home

By random chance I found this picture on a NASA webpage. According to the explanation this is not a bit of filth, but the earth, as seen from Mars. 

Somehow, this picture gives me an eerie feeling. It is a bit like seeing a years old family picture that falls out of a book. It gives an entirely different perspective. Until then, most pictures from Mars just were reddish dust, but now things fall in place.