Today: Being Bernd!

Today, I’m being Bernd, and I’m telling you this in english, because I expect the german folks to already „get it“.

Bernd is, at least a bit, the geman variant of the „Guy Fawkes Anonymous“. Actually, he’s a living misanthropic tin loaf from childrens TV, but he’s also a synonym for being anonymous in the internet. If you go to Krautchan, the local flavour of 4chan, you’ll see lots of Bernds there.

So, today is Being Bernd Day, which means that we all should strive to be a tiny bit less forthcoming with our private data, a tiny bit more self-conscious about privacy, and thus, of freedom.

Join us, be Bernd today too, and enjoy the irony of a privacy-advocating group joining together on Facebook, of all possible platforms…

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