BoingBoing, why you so bad?

I am really getting annoyed at BoingBoing by now. There is still the occasional interesting thing among the stream of articles they publish over the day, but that stream is getting worse and worse every day.

Of course, I can accept the „Cool Tools“ crossover, which is basically blatant advertising. Also, I can live the slightly more veiled advertising articles where they just grab some item, write a sentence about it and point you to an Amazon affiliate-link to buy it. I get slightly more upset about the fact that a good deal of the off-site links randomly have some ad-forwarder in between that my adblocker has to filter out for me. And then there are articles like this one: Criminal protip: don't confess "off the record":

Matthew D. Muller, 38, is in jail after confessing to a kidnapping, “off the record and on background” to a TV reporter.

If you follow the link under the text, or read the rest of the quote on BoingBoing, you won’t find anything about any confession, TV reporter or „off the record and on background“.  You need to follow the other link they thankfully provided later on with a stealth edit, which points you to Wired: ‘Gone Girl’ Suspect Confesses to Reporter—As FBI Listens In And in this link title alone, we learn that the confession was taped by the FBI, which immediately gives the story a whole different spin. But hey, Journalism is boring, Clickbait is much better, amirite?

Throwing BoingBoing out of my Feedreader now, thanks for the nicer times.

PS: I realize that this could be attributed to a simple human error, made in haste. But those errors get more and more frequent and the ad-article noise gets more and more annoying, so the bad by now severly outweigh the good for me. Sorry.

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